7 places to visit, while in Zagreb

Here are some great tips for visiting Zagreb 

1. Explore Upper town and DownTown
2. Visit museum of Broken relationships
3. Shop at Zagreb’s farmers’ market(s) and enjoy the humor of amazing old ladies selling their products
4. Explore Zagreb parks (Park Zrinjevac, Botanical Garden, Zagreb Zoo..)

5. Visit Zagreb Cathedral
6. Visit Zagreb cemetery Mirogoj
7. 360º Views of Zagreb

The most Popular Sights and Amazing Facts?

Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is a Roman Catholic institution and not only the tallest building in Croatia but also the most sacral building in Gotic Style Southest of the Alps. Zagreb Cathedral is 77 m long and slightly more than 46 m wide. Its twin spires are around 105 m hight.

Grič Cannon/ The noise genereted by the Grič cannon can be as loud as 130 decibeles. When it is fired at noon every day, its sound can even be heard south of the river Sava.

Zagreb Funicular / The Zagreb Fulnicular is the world’s shortest cable railway used for public transport. The 64-second ride covers a distance of 66 meters.

Hotel Esplanade / was built in 1925. It provided luxury lodging to Orient Express passengers on their route from Paris to Istanbul.

16 th Meridian/ The plaque marking the 16th meridien, wich passes through Zagreb, is on the corner of Vukovarska and Držićeva Streets. It was placed during the 1987 World Student Games.

Population/ According the 2011 census, there are 790 000 people living in Zagreb. This makes up 18,5% of Croatia’s population.

Cafes and Restaurants/ There are around 4.500 cafes and restaurants in Zagreb. This makes a ratio of 1 cafe to every 175 inhabitants.

Gas Lamps / Gas Lamps were first introduced in Zagreb in 1863. Today, more than 200 of them are still in use. A lamp lighter lights them in the evening and dims them in the morning. Zagreb is one of only three European cities to have kept this tradition alive.

Zagreb Museums / Zagreb museums contain more than 3,6 million exhibits.