Top 4 Reasons to Use Our Service

Cost Effectiveness

Need a reason Why to choose us? We will give you the Top 4 Reasons to Use Our Service!
Contrary to popular belief, choosing an airport van or car service to transport you to and from the airport doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Actually, choosing a service such as ours can save you money! The cost of gas paired with the expense of parking your car at (or near) the airport for an extended period of time can often outweigh the cost of using a comfortable, reliable airport transportation service.
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Waiting for our clients Photo: Tomislav Soldo


Our taxis and Vans are clean and comfortable to ensure your ride is pleasant.
We only hire the best, so our drivers are friendly and courteous and are there to ensure you get the best service possible. We’ll always ensure that an adequate-sized vehicle will be used to transport you and anyone else you are travelling with. We take into account luggage when we choose these vehicles, so no need to worry about space!
Fotografija Transfers Croatia & Europa American clients enjoying their Transfer to Rastoke and Plitvice Lakes Photo: Tomislav Soldo


Many people overlook the safety factor when they consider their trip.
Parking a vehicle for an extended period of time at the airport is not only costly, but can be troublesome as well. Although the airport does have security, there’s always a risk associated with public parking. Another thing to consider is if you choose to park at a lot not associated with the airport your vehicle may be even less protected. Using Airport Taxi and Transfer Service means that you can leave your vehicles at home in your driveway or garage and feel confident in their security.
Fotografija Transfers Croatia & Europa
Waiting for our clients; Airport Transfer to Hotel central located; Photo: Tomislav Soldo
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